About Wechat

WeChat is the most popular Chinese communication and social mobile app, with over 1 Billion monthly active users. The innovation of WeChat is not only about the first rate messaging function, but more importantly the ‘all-in-one’ feature, making it one of the best social marketing and customer engagement tools for brands and products. Features including:

  • Text Messaging (like Whatsapp or Viber)
  • Audio and Video Call
  • Photo Sharing (like Instagram and Facebook)
  • Travel and Hotel Booking
  • Retail Payment
  • P2P Fund Transfer
  • Marketing Platform

WeChat CRM & Customer Engagement

We developed robust WeChat Campaign to help brands deliver marketing and advertising strategy as well as establish brand loyalty through WeChat Official Accounts and WeChat Account Binding.

Unlike any other instant messaging app, WeChat has official accounts that brands can register and users can follow. Through subscription users can receive the latest marketing content from brands they follow and have ‘one-to-one’ direct chat with the brand. The official accounts allow a two-way communication between the user and the brand, reducing the distance between them and encouraging CRM system and customer engagement.

Through binding various user accounts with WeChat account, customers can enjoy a wide range of CRM-driven services through Our OMS, which including:

  • Customer Survey
  • Store Locator
  • Retail Store Coupon
  • CRM & Member Loyalty Program
  • Order Inquiry
  • WeChat Store

Binding user accounts include both online and offline shopping platforms. Brand’s brick-and-mortar stores, Tmall, JD and VIP are all covered.

For a more engaged audience area, We provide marketing campaign and CRM that are tailored to individual’s needs. Interesting brand information, latest news feeds and exceptional customer service, etc.can all be customized to better establish brand awareness and brand loyalty.

WeChat eCommerce Solution

Wechat Mini Program

Wechat Payment