Online Marketing and Traffic Generation Strategy

We work with our brand clients, study their brand and product offerings, then develop online marketing strategies to generate traffic, bring in unique visitors and convert them into customers.  Regular review of Return On Investment on marketing spend enables our brand clients to optimize their marketing investments and maximize business results.

We discuss closely with our client’s marketing team about their objectives (brand building; sales growth; etc.), and provide a customized proposal every quarter with comprehensive marketing campaign plans, brand-building solutions and estimation of sales driven by marketing.

Online Marketing Channels

  • eCommerce Platform Advertising – Performance Marketing

We supports paid marketing tools on most Asian marketplaces, such as Alibaba’s Tmall,, Lazada, Shopee and Rakuten. We optimize keywords and product attributes to attract high quality traffic and increase adverting spend efficiency, Other strong marketing tactics like special holiday bundles and box sets are also used.

  • Brand Marketing Website

In order to build brand awareness and exposure in Asia, we help brands to set up local official websites that adapt to local customs and language. The sites present the brand’s key products and story to Asian consumers, and also emphasize on the brand’s positioning in the market.

  • Online Brand Building

We leverage on the latest online marketing trend in each local market to continuously build up and strengthen the brand, such as social media operations, KOL/influencer engagements, livestreaming shows and short videos. These activities help gain brand awareness and also generate sales.

  • Social Media

Local social networks is a key arena for new customers to learn about brands in Asia. We focus on the most significant social media and chat tools in China and Asia like Weibo and WeChat to launch marketing campaign for brands. This includes setting up branded/official accounts and mini-sites, updating marketing information and activating customer engagements.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We provide professional SEO services on content marketing and performance marketing on major search engines like Baidu for China and Google for the rest of Asia. Based on the strong understanding of the brands we serve and their target customers, product content and promotion information are optimized for the search engines to increase brand and product visibility.

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