An Order Management System For Your Alibaba Tmall Store

Essential for any Tmall Global and Tmall Classic operation

View Marketplace Orders And Data Directly

With FOM OMS, you will have full visibility of sales, refunds, cost breakdowns and order statuses independent of the reports from your Trade Partner. The full access of marketplace data allows you to monitor store operation and keep track of business performance.

Broad Marketplace Connectivity

FOM OMS is fully integrated with Alibaba’s Tmall,, Lazada, Shopee, Magento and other Asia e-marketplaces and web store technologies. Connectivity is turn-key. Therefore, you can easily add more marketplaces to your sales channels.

Console And User Interface in English and Chinese

The main console and all user interfaces of FOM OMS are available in both English and Chinese. It enables an international team to manage the China and Asia e-commerce business without barrier.

Business Reports and Intelligence In Your Mailbox

We have daily, weekly and monthly reports automatically sent to the appointed members of your team. 12 built-in reports with business intelligence are available in both English and Chinese, and bespoke reports can be further customized.

FOMetrics App - Data At Your Fingertips

You can view your latest store performance stats and KPI’s in English or in Chinese using our FOMetrics mobile app. Business decisions can be made quickly with all data at your fingertips. (Available on both iOS and Android)

Standard API For Seamless Integration

Our standard API allows you to fully integrate our OMS with your various business systems. Orders can flow seamlessly across systems and provide maximum control and visibility to your e-commerce operation.

Rule-based Automatic Inventory Allocation

You can setup smart rules to let FOM OMS allocate inventory to different marketplaces automatically. Inventory movement is virtual, and it maximizes sell-through base on pre-set logic.

Allocate Orders By Preference

Each order can be allocated to the optimal warehouse or retail store location based on pre-set rules and preferences. Retail store manager can access order allocated to them through any modern mobile device.

Track Tmall Advertising Cost Based on Orders

FOM OMS tracks all order-related advertising costs on Tmall, including Through Train (CPC), Diamond Showcase (CPM) and Taobaoke (Affiliate). It also tracks product-related advertising metrics such as Unique Visitors, Page Views and Conversion Rates for maximum business visibility when you view the OMS reports

AliPay Transaction Mapping For Finance Reconciliation

One of the biggest challenge in running a Tmall business is to reconcile sales and costs with the complicated AliPay transaction history. FOM OMS maps Tmall orders  with various types of AliPay transactions to give your finance department or ERP a full picture of how revenues are recognized, and how related costs are charged.

“FOM OMS effectively bridges the gap between a China e-business and an international online operation.”

FOM OMS Feature Highlights

  • Tailor-made for China and Asia e-commerce workflow
  • Full order visibility
  • English interface for international team to operate
  • System connectivity through standard API’s
  • Advertising cost monitoring and reporting
  • Smart inventory allocation and management
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to many China and Asia marketplaces
  • Convenient mobile app for managers to monitor business
  • Comprehensive and automatic reporting
  • AliPay reconciliation on revenues and costs
  • Automatic order allocation based on preference

Inquiries and Price Quote

FOM OMS is an essential tool for any brands or merchants who operates a Tmall store. For inquiries and quotes, please send email to with a link to your Tmall store, or the brand you plan to open a Tmall store with.