Data Analytics Enabling Business Growth

Insightful eCommerce analytics is crucial in building a smarter business. We provides a wide ranges of management reports on data analytics, KPI metrics and competitive intelligence, which facilitates brand client’s strategy building and decision making.

Data Gathering Capabilities

Through our system integration with marketplaces, we collect a broad range of operational data automatically and accurately, including purchase pattern data, product performance data and consumer behaviour data. 

We also developed tools to collect additional data and acquire 3rd party data sets to produce in-depth and insightful analytics in our business intelligence reports.

Unique Strength

Our system is uniquely integrated with over 16 popular marketplaces in Asia, covering consumer orders from China to Indonesia, and from Japan to Singapore.

By collecting and analyzing data from multiple marketplaces across different consumer markets, we help our brand clients to create effective sales strategic by utilizing our 360º business analysis capability.  

Our system can also be customized for sales analysis and financial reconciliation for marketplace sales.

Data Analytics Capabilities

Our analytics experts set up and utilize integrated analytics tools within brand clients’ online stores to deliver a holistic view of the overall sales performance. Actionable insights are all at a glance.

Transparent sales data and weekly reports is provided. Sales performance are presented from product, brand and category perspectives, and compared against competitors. We also forecast demand and sales by sales-share of the subject category on major online shopping websites. 

Identify customers who are contributing significant revenue to your business, entice them with perks to strengthen trust and relationship, then encourage them to make repeat purchases and grow sales. Inactive customers can also be approached with incentives and be converted back into active customers.

Driving traffic to online shopping websites takes time, effort and money. Our analytics team monitor performance of different site traffic sources to provide insights to our brand client on how to bringing in high quality traffic continuously and in cost effective ways. Combined with sales performance analytics, traffic generation can be stepped up and optimized at the right time.

Key event metrics such as paid-marketing conversion rate, SKU availability and inventory level are timely monitored. Real time analytics and strategic recommendation is provided, for brand clients to capture and optimize business opportunities.

Talk to our data analytics experts to find out how we can increase your sales in Asia by data. Send “Tell me about Data” to, and we will reply to you promptly.