We provide Customer Care Services to brand clients in multiple Asian countries, serving their customers with local languages following local communication customs.

With in-depth understanding of online consumers in China and SEA countries, we provide Customer Care Services with experienced and well-trained local teams to maximize sales conversion for pre-sale inquires, and minimize return rate and customer dissatisfaction for post-sale supports.

Service Channels

Depends on the brand client’s and individual marketplace’s requirements, our Customer Care Services can be provided using:

  • Real-time text chat on marketplace tool or third party chat tools
  • Real-time text chat on the brand’s social media account
  • Email
  • Voice calls

Service Models

Pre-sale Inquiries:

  • Provide general information on brand and products
  • Answer detail inquries on products such as color, texture and size
  • Recommend products and related/alternate products
  • Assist on how to complete an order by voice or text chat
  • Answer questions on pricing, shipping and promotions structure
  • Convert inquries into sales

Post-Sale Supports

  • Provide information on order and shipping status
  • Handle order change or cancellation requests
  • Approve returns and refunds
  • Handle complaints and comfort disgruntle customers
  • Provide appeasements to eligible customers
  • Reduce customer escalation rate

Review Management

  • Read consumer reviews on marketplace from time to time
  • Moderate review forums by actively responding to both positive and negative reviews
  • Follow up on negative reviews by tracing orders, identifying and contact complaining customers if possible, then offer appeasements
  • Manage overall sentiment of review forums

Communications and Reporting

  • Regularly provide feedback to merchandizing team and brand client on common complaints, suspected product issues, commonly asked questions on products, etc. for merchandizing team and brand client to update and improve on product page contents from time to time
  • Provide weekly report on Customer Care metrics and KPI
  • Receive regular training from brand client on brand and product updates

Talk to our Customer Care experts about how to implement best-of-class customer service in Asia markets. Send “Tell me about Customer Care” to epartner@lns.maersk.com, and we will reply to you promptly.