Having issues with counterfeit products on ecommerce marketplaces? Unauthorized parallel import and counterfeit goods damages your business, your brand’s reputation, and the marketing investment made in the brand. FOM ecommerce expert team can help you find and stop counterfeiters where they sell online.

  • Monitoring and Detection

We cover various ecommerce marketplaces with strong operational focus in South East Asia and China markets. We monitor counterfeit products, parallel import and infringement cases across global marketplace sites by using manual prioritization based on clients’ criteria and identify the issues that need actions. We can also identify distributors or sellers who are infringing on your trademarks or image rights.

With FOM Counterfeit monitoring service, you will not have to rely on multiple service providers to remove counterfeits in different markets. You can maintain your control through one single vendor across the world, and especially in Asia.

  • High Success Rate on Counterfeit Listings Removal

We offer regular reports that can be tailored to meet your business requirements. We have successfully reported trademark/image infringement cases and unauthorized sales of parallel import or counterfeit products in as fast as 14 days.